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Lifeguard Academy

$75 Purchase required to enroll
This course includes the 2023 SGE Lifeguard Blended Training - 8 Hour Online Learning, and an 18 Hour in-person classroom & in-Water (4 x 4.5 Hours) session.

Requirements (In addition to the above)
Students cannot miss any of the courses. Please make sure you don't have any conflicts with the class dates.
You must be at least 16 before the last day of the training class. (IF CELTS Employee, you may be 15 years)
You must pass a water skills screening to validate swimming ability and endurance at a level that is appropriate for the in-water course work required of the candidate:
  • swim 50 yards/meters without stopping
  • swim 50 yards/meters with a rescue tube across the chest
  • tread water for one (1) minute without the use of the hands and (1) minute with hands
  • retrieve the weighted object off the bottom (minimum 10 lbs./ 4.5 kg) & carry 20 yards
Due to the nature of the skills taught in this course, you'll be performing strenuous activities (such as removing someone from the water). If you are concerned about your physical ability to pass the course, please get in touch with us.


Registration for each class closes 1 week before the start of the class date to allow time to complete the required On-Line portion of the class.

Online coursework must be completed the Thursday before the weekend of the in-person classes. Attendance at all class dates is mandatory to complete the certification.

1st Day Swim Ability test must be passed to attend the course: The Swim ability consists of a 300-yard continuous swim (breaststroke or freestyle); 2-minute tread-legs only, and a 20-yard swim retrieval of a 10lb object from 5 depths in 1 minute 40 seconds.

Email Requirements: Please provide us with a unique email address when registering. This means the email address you provide should be YOUR OWN PERSONAL EMAIL.

    • DO NOT PROVIDE A SHARED EMAIL, like one you would share with a parent/guardian. Please use Emailyou check frequently.

    • Your class links to log in and certifications will be sent/attached to this email, so it needs to be an email you can access at any time.

    • Course Link: Within 2-3 days of registering, you will receive a link to begin the online learning module and a link to the Lifeguard Manual.

    • The email will come from STARGUARD ELITE, so please check your junk/spam folder. You must complete the online modules within the dates provided before attending the Water & Skills Days.

    • Water & Skills: Please come to Aquatic Center prepared to swim, learn, and have fun! You will have a 45 min lunch break on both days. You are welcome to bring a sack lunch or many nearby lunch places.